An original fairy tale … (Part 1)

An original fairy tale from Bosnia


There was once a king who had three sons.

The kingdom being surrounded by a bountiful and beautiful nature, it was no surprise that one of the favourite past times of the princes were hunting.

One day, the king’s eldest son went on a hunt.

With his faithful horse beside him, the prince was walking through the woods in search of animals when a wiry rabbit suddenly jumped from the bushes and onto the path in front of him. The rabbit turned and sped away quick as lightning. Without much ado, the prince jumped onto his horse and went after it immediately.

Weaving through the deep forest, the rabbit was always just a step ahead of the prince.

As dusk approach, the rabbit suddenly bolted into a cave amidst the dark forest. Happily thinking that he had the rabbit cornered, the prince went after the rabbit into the cave without hesitation. Instead of the rabbit in the cave, he found a mighty and fierce dragon …. and thus the eldest prince disappeared.

As days passed without the return of the eldest prince, the old monarch grew worried and so he sent his second son on a quest to search for the oldest prince.

While searching for his brother, a rabbit bounded in front of his path. With a wiggle of his bushy tail, the rabbit dashed away.

The second prince couldn’t resist giving chase after the rabbit.

The chase eventually ended with the rabbit slipping into the very same cave and so the second son shared the same fate as his brother.

End of Chapter 1


  • This fairytale was passed down from generations to generations verbally in Bosnia for about 300 years till it was first written down in its language about 300 to 4oo years ago.
  • One of the earlier English version of this story was written by Parker Fillmore in 1921, he made it clear that the stories that he collected and edited were not exact translations.
  • For the fairytales that have collected and written in English, while in no way are exact translations too, still my husband and I have kept close to the details as much as possible to show the beauty of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian myriad cultures and values wrapped in these stories.
  • The picture above was taken on the mountain Rujiste. The rabbit incorporated into the pictures is typical of the types of rabbits found in this region. Mountains are not only great for winter activities but they are great during hot summers as the air is cooler. With unfamiliar territories, it is always a great idea to have a knowledgeable guide beside you.

Wishing all happy summer and a good day to all. 😎😄


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  1. Please don’t keep us waiting too long for the next part!

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  2. very nice!! waiting for next chapter… 😉

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  3. I love reading these old tales–looking forward to the next part of the story!

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  4. It’s great the way you have found these old Bosnian fairytales and have translated them for your readers to see. Gives a fascinating glimpse into the culture. I love mountains in any season – hope you are enjoying the summer months! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing this tale with us. A very happy and beautiful summer to you as well and your family of course!

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  6. I love the simplicity and clean perfection of fairy stories. You retell them joyfully and enjoyed this story. Thank you !

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  7. I do enjoy these stories handed down over the centuries. It always seems the lessons they teach are as relevant today as they were in the past. While we think we have changed much, some things haven’t changed at all. We can still learn from those voices from the past.


  8. Agree, D! 😄 I think it also makes one understand the cultures behind. Every culture may not think or behave alike. But behind every culture are treasures of a different kind. Many thanks for taking the time to pass by. Always great to hear from you!


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